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Best Pressure/ Return Side cleaners of 2020

There are two types of Pressure Side cleaners available. One requires a separate 3/4 hp Booster pump plumped in with it's own dedicated return line. The other type is known now as Return Side Cleaners uses your existing 1 1/2" threaded return lines. The Return Side cleaner does not need a booster pump. Here are my top picks for 2016.



#1 Polaris 280

Why is this 30-year-old cleaner still around? Because it works and works and works. If your looking for an indestructible workhorse of a cleaner then look no further. The basic design of the Polaris 280 hasn't changed much - just a newer updated body. The internal parts are exactly the same as a 30-year-old unit. This thing was designed so well that it is still holding up strong  - like the Panama Canal - age-old engineering made to last lifetime. Booster Pump required.


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# Polaris 360 

This Polaris model does not need a separate booster pump. You do need 1.5" threaded return lines for proper installation. If your pool gets tons of debris - large debris, then you might want to consider this cleaner. It picks up just about anything and works great. It will leaver your pool spotless each week. Made to last and keep on working - the Polaris 360 is a great choice.



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#4 Hayward TriVac 500

The NEW TriVac 500 by Hayward is a great choice for a  pressure cleaner that will clean your pool floors, walls, and step area. The TriVac 500 has been engineered for faster cleaning and it has a large debris opening and an extra large debris bag.


It also has an internal back-up valve and a short back-up cycle meaning it will clean your pool a lot faster so you can run your booster pump less. A solid choice.

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