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This is the Precision 2.0 Li Battery Powered Cleaner by Water Tech. The Precision 2.0 is Water Tech's latest cleaner made exclusively for the pool service professional. The Precision has been in the works for over two years and Water Tech has made many improvements that make this cleaner reliable and highly effective.



The Precision is only for sale to pool service professionals and won't be available online. For more info on pricing and availability check with your local pool supply wholesaler. With that said, if you are a homeowner looking for a powerful portable vacuum like this one, check out their Volt FX-8 cleaner. Water Tech may in the future make the Precision available to homeowners, but for now, it is marketed and sold to pool service techs.


The Precision is Water Tech's upgrade of the Pro 1500 which is a solid cleaner in its own respect. The Precision is designed to be used as a portable vacuum separate from the pools filtration system and it comes with three bags for various situational use. The Xtreme Multi-Layer Bag is for standard use and is great at picking up dirt and debris. The Sand & Silt Bag is designed for fine dirt and sand and works well at trapping smaller dirt particles. And the All Purpose Bag is for pools with large leaf debris with little dirt.  These bags all work great and they really trap the dirt and debris well.


The Precision comes with two Lithium Ion Batteries that will last longer and are much lighter than their previous batteries. Also included is a car charger that you can use to charge the battery while you are driving around on your pool route. Each battery will last for about one hour of continuous use. It takes about 4 hours to charge the batteries from the wall charger, less time for the car charger. 


Just the overall convenience of the Precision makes it ideal for pool service professionals. You can vacuum a good size pool in about 15 minutes and don't need to carry back your pool hose and vacuum. The Precision is very lightweight, coming in at 11 lbs and is very well balanced and easy to carry. It comes with a shoulder strap also for easy transport.


It needs to be submerged in the water to work but can vacuum at a depth of just 12 inches. I have used it by holding it by the handle to clean out Negative Edge Pool Troughs and to vacuum shallow steps.  It is designed to clip right into your standard pool pole and you would vacuum a pool or spa just like you would with the manual hose vacuum set up. 


It comes with two vacuum heads. A standard bearing wheeled vacuum head for Gunite or Plaster pools and Vinyl & Fiberglass Vacuum Head for those pool surfaces. Both Vacuum heads are 14” wide and work really well at pulling in the debris. (14.5” and 14.75” respectively).  So the Precision is great for all surface types. 


Overall in my testing the Precision 2.0 Li has cleaned the pools very well and I find that it is a great tool to add to my cleaning arsenal. It makes cleaning certain pools very convenient and saves me time.  I have used many of the Water Tech products and they are all very reliable and effective. The Precision 2.0 Li is a solid product. 



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