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The World's Strongest Service Pole!


Quality materials make quality tools, built from ultra strong CARBON FIBER and reinforced with fiberglass, our design is lighter and three times stronger than aluminum, making it the most durable pole available on the market.



Unique lever Lock!

Our lever locking system is a game changer. This minimalist design lets you make length adjustments with ONE EASY ACTION. Flip the lever open to loosen and make your adjustment, and snap it back down to lock in place.



Familiar and Fast!

Adjusting the third extension of our pole is just as quick, and familiar. This length of the pole is equipped with TWO SNAP LOCKS. Simply follow the red guide to line the internal V-clips with the holes, and lock it in place as you would any standard tool.


At two pounds four ounces, our carbon fiber design is HALF THE WEIGHT of a standard three-piece service pole. At 6 ft collapsed it sits comfortably and safely inside all truck beds.

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