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SPSPA Pool Pro Forum Rules:


Welcome to the SPSPA Pool Pro Forum! This forum was designed for pool professionals to ask and answer each other's questions. You don't need to be a Pool Guy or Pool Gal to join and if you are a homeowner servicing your own pool and have questions feel free to post them here. If you service pools for a living this is the right place for you to post questions industry related. 

1. Offensive language and demeaning posts are not acceptable.

2. No abusive or bullying language is allowed. 

3. You can promote your business as long as it fits the discussion.

4. If you are negative or unkind to members here you will be blocked.


5. Keep the discussions on topic.


6. You are free to post links and photos as long as they are on the subject.

7. Membership is SPSPA is not required but recommended. 



Please note that I cannot control what is posted on the forum but will remove any posts as quickly as I can if they violate the terms of the group guidelines.






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