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The SweepEase Pool Brush is a great product that will make brushing your pool easy and more effective. It is designed to use the water to increase the pressure against the brush, pushing down onto the surface. This makes for easier brushing and much more powerful brushing. Now sold under the StingRay name! Same brush with a new look!

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Walk-in and purchase at:

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  • "Sweep Ease Sticks to the walls and floor like a magnet!" After 60 years of drudgery, there is finally an EASY way to sweep your pool!

  • The patented spoiler shape uses water to push the brush to the walls and floor with 5-10 pounds of pressure, yet easily slices back through the water.

  • Made with the highest quality materials that never bends so it makes 100% contact every time

  • Regular use helps stop the aging of your pool by removing algae, calcium, and sodium keeping your pool perfectly clean, looking like new!

  • Sweep Ease "Sticks to the walls and floor like a magnet! You're gonna love it!"

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