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Superior Pump has been in business for over 15 years now with ties to the plumbing industry dating back to the 1970s. If you are in need of draining your swimming pool down, these pumps would be a great choice.


They are a family owned and operated business and offer some of the best warranties on their pumps in the industry. Depending on the pump you can get a warranty from one year up to five years on the pump. They can offer such a great warranty because they build a quality pump which will last well past the warranty period.


Some of the great features included with each pump are:


A one-piece motor housing makes the pump stronger and dissipates heat with great effectiveness.


An Electronically controlled Split Capacitor is like having two gears, 1st gear is a boost for startup and then 2nd gear for efficient continuous operation.


Solid Copper Motor Windings means the wires are not just coated but 100% copper.


Exclusive Superior Motor is designed and built by Superior Pump and installed and tested so the pumps are built to last.


Double Seals on Motor Plate; dual seals on the bottom of each motor plate ensures water will not enter the motor housing causing pump failure.


Removable Intake Screen on all of their pumps allows for easy cleaning.


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Jacket Shaft Seal ensures that this seal will last.


Superior Pump is focused on making the best pumps in the industry. So you can see you are getting a high-quality product at an affordable price.





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