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Websites that I Endorse


This is the Pool Store that I endorse. They have great customer service and carry just about every pool product on the market. They are safe to shop at and are a Google endorsed Online Store. Click on the Ads below to start shopping for all your pool supply needs

I am excited to work with EaquaCare Pool and Spa Products. They will be carrying many of the products featured in my YouTube videos including Excel Cartridge filters, FlowVis flow meter, Aqua Comb and many more. Purchase from them and recieve 5% of your order with the discount code: DVB5

This is a handy tool to calculate how much chemicals to add to your pool. I use it frequently now and it takes some of the guesswork and math out of your hands. If you use the BBB Method of pool care this tool has it all. Very easy to use and it will make taking care of your pool that much easier.

Trouble Free Pool Forum

Although I am not on this forum - I am pretty busy and they seem to not want my posts on their site anyway - I highly respect the posts found here and encourage you to join and support this Forum.

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