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Aquabot Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaners

Aquabot is the world leader in Robotic Cleaners. They make a wide range of cleaners to fit everyone's budget. They made their first robotic pool cleaner in 1982 and have made many innovations over the years. Today you are getting a solid, well built and efficient cleaner. Here is a selection of cleaners that will work great in your Above Ground Pool



Aquabot  Breeze SE

The Aquabot Breeze SE is one of Aquabot's newest robotic pool cleaners. It is loaded with features but is priced at the entry level price point of under $500. Aquabot is the leading manufacturer of robotic cleaners and the Breeze SE is a great machine. Below I will detail some of the features that make the Breeze SE a Top Pick for a robotic pool cleaner for your pool.



The Breeze SE has a compact and well-balanced design that is suitable for all pool surface types. The first thing that sets the Breeze SE apart is that it has top loading debris chambers that filter the pool water down to 2 microns. That is equivalent to the filtration of a D.E. Filter. The debris chamber is lined with a fine filter media that traps dirt, leaves and small particles down to 2 microns. It is an incredible filtration level for a cleaner priced under $500.


The Good:

Filters down to 2 microns

Top loading debris chambers

Hyper-Scrubbing Brush

Pumps 80 gallons per minute

Cord Swivel


2 year limited warranty


The Bad:

Only 40 ft of cable


The Breeze SE does come with a 2 year limited warranty. Year one is a 100% bumper to bumper warranty and year two is a limited warranty.

Aquabot  Spirit

The Aquabot Spirit is Aquabot's newest Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner. Aquabot features many models that can be used for an Above Ground Pool and the Spirit would be the ideal choice for your above ground pool. Below are some of the great features of the Aquabot Spirit:


Most powerful motor in the industry – up to 85 GPM

Dual impeller high flow jet propulsion system

TwinBody™ Innovative Chassis for easy access to everything

NeverStuck™ Obstacle Guidance System

New for 2016 - 360° Anti-tangle Cable Swivel

Better circulation reduces chemical demand

Ultra-fine dual filters for 2-micron filtration

Easy clean top access filters

Multi-cycle cleaning programs (1 or 2 hours)

2 Year Limited Warranty



For incredibly easy filter access and maintenance, the patented TwinBody™ design makes regular filter maintenance a breeze.



New for 2016- The Anti-Tangle Swivel delivers peace of mind that your new pool robot will do the job without suffering from the dreaded spaghetti cord tangle.



With better water circulation you can greatly reduce your pools reliance on chemical additives, lowering your pools expenses and leaving you with peace of mind.



The Spirit's refined dual filtration system filters particulate down to 2 microns in size, capable of removing more debris than comparable pool cleaner models.



The Aquabot Spirit is simply the best robotic cleaner value available today. Along with that comes a 2-year limited warranty unmatched in the sub-$500 cleaner category.

Aquabot  Breeze XLS

The Aquabot Breeze XLS is designed to clean residential In-Ground Pools of all sizes and surfaces. The Breeze XLS
will vacuum and micro-filter dirt, debris, and contaminants from the pool’s floor, cove and a lower wall with *radius.
The Breeze XLS is equipped with a fixed brush underneath the cleaner to agitate algae and film on surfaces. Additionally, our patented Power Washing Jets loosen stubborn dirt and debris. The XLS also features easy to clean extra large fine filter baskets with transparent windows to easily see collected debris and our Aquabot Swivel to help prevent cable tangling.



Patented Power Washing Jets
• Fine Filter Baskets
• 50’ Cable with Swivel
• 2 Cleaning Cycles
• Plug it in and Press a Button

Aquabot  Pool Rover S2-50

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground and Small In-Ground Pools. The Pool Rover s2-50 is a solid robotic cleaner that is priced in the suction side cleaner range. 


First lets start with the color of this thing - the bright yellow is super cool and eye-catching. It has 50 ft of cable and a cord detangler built onto the cable. It has large debris openings on the bottom, rugged tires, brushes for scrubbing the bottom a one year warranty and it filters down to 2 microns. Better than a D.E. filter.


It works really well in my testing. Eventually, after the run time it gets the entire pool covered. This cleaner basically moves back and forth with the tilt of the front axle being the main way it maneuvers around the pool. It doesn't turn but changes position gradually as it is running.


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