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Although Pool Checkup may not boast decades of combined experience in the swimming pool industry, we view this as a good thing. Pool Checkup was created after we saw a need for professionalism and top quality customer service in an industry that seemed to lag behind what’s expected these days. We’ve experienced what poor customer service and lack of professionalism looks like in the pool industry, as customers, and we promise that will not to be your experience if you choose Pool Checkup! We are here to focus on your pool’s health and your happiness!

While we think the positive customer experience is paramount, but we realize that would not be possible without the technical aptitude in the industry as well. That’s why each of the team members have completed CPO certification courses and have spent months training with other industry providers to familiarize ourselves with the technical aspects of the industry.

Our family and friend owned and operated business takes our previous individual experiences as successful business owners and combine our efforts to bring you a company that you can have confidence in when you choose us! Combined, our management is made up of a successful real estate consulting business owner, quality control professional for a large corporation and a retail service business owner, with over 60 years of combined experience in our respective industries.


Pool Checkup exists now, as we strive to provide what we feel will be a much needed fresh take on the pool service industry. Pool Checkup provides pool service, maintenance and repair services, as well as new equipment installation. We are quick to respond to our existing and potential customers when contacted and we have access to a warehouse of parts and supplies so that our customers aren’t inconvenienced while they wait for routine maintenance or individual repairs to be performed.

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10601 RANCH ROAD 2222, STE R - 169
AUSTIN, TX 78730

(512) 220-1002

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