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I have been using the Skimlite pool poles since I started servicing pools back in 1988. It has always been my go-to pool pole and over the years Skimlite has expanded their professional grade pool pole line up significantly. I will go over two of their newest lines of poles, the SnapLite 6000 series and the Brute line.

Here is a little on the SnapLite Series by Skimlite:

“SNAPLITE™ 6000 SERIES The SnapLite™ series is quickly becoming one of Skimlite’s most popular poles. The lock is similar to what has been utilized as the primary locking mechanism in the painting industry for years. With a simple push of a button, you can slide and lock your pole to your desired length. All Snaplite™ poles have a unique decagon shape to them which keeps the pole from rotating and provides ultra-smooth sliding.”

What I like about the SnapLite poles is how easy it is to extend and retract the poles with the push of a button. No more twisting to lock the pole sections in place and the pole will extend and collapse at the push of the button. The button itself is very well made and can be easily replaced when needed. The pole sections are also very strong, and this pole is a great all-purpose pole for both the homeowner and the pool service professional. 

Here are the sizes you can order:

6012 – (6′ to 12′) Two Piece
6016 – (8′ to 16′) Two Piece
6317 – (6′ to 17′) Three Piece
6323 – (8′ to 23′) Three Piece
6024 – (12′ to 24′) Two Piece
6032 – (16′ to 32′) Two Piece

60 series.jpg

“THE BRUTE SERIES is unlike any poles on the market. All Brute Series poles are larger in diameter and stronger than conventional poles. These were created to satisfy those who use heavy vac systems or who just prefer to have the absolute heaviest and strongest pole available. All Brute Series poles have been redesigned to ship via small parcel in its own personal custom box. Brute Series poles also have the ability to achieve even longer length by simply snapping on 54321’s which are 8′ extensions.”

Make no mistake, you will not be able to find a stronger pool pole on the market today than the Brute poles. This is how thick this pole is, the second section of this pole is as thick as the first section on other SkimLite poles! The front it tapered down so that it will fit all standard pool equipment, but the Brute Series Pole was designed specifically for the heavy vacuum systems that are used today by pool service professionals. If you use a Vacuum System and have had a pole break on you, rest assured, the Brute Pole will not bend or break.

Here are the sizes of the Brute Series Poles:

5432 – (8′ to 29′) Three Piece
9416- (5′ to 15′) Four Piece
9816 – (8′ to 16′) Two Piece
9618- (6.5′ to 18′) Three Piece
9824 – (8′ to 20′) Three Piece

brute modesl.jpg

“The Dually was created when we realized there was a demand to make a hybrid out of the 5000 series internal/external locking mechanisms. With this pole you can lock both external and internal locks for more locking power on jobs that demand the most. You also have the option to only use one of the locks for quicker and lighter jobs.”


Here are the sizes of the 9000 Series Poles:


9012 – (6′ to 12′) Two Piece


9016 – (8′ to 16′) Two Piece


9018 – (6′ to 18′) Three Piece


9024 – (8′ to 24′) Three Piece

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900 series.jpg
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