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Weekly Service & Repairs:

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Coastal Life Pool Service

1279 W Henderson

#128 Porterville Ca 93257

(559) 460-0460


Hello! Richard Bailey here! Owner and operator of Coastal Life Pool Service.

As a Certified Pool/Spa Operator by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (CPO-525698), I can confidently provide your pool/spa with the cleaning & repair services you want! Accurate water balancing, maintaining healthy PH Levels, keeping the Cyanauric acid levels inline etc… Proper care can assist in the prevention of scaling, staining, algae growth etc…

Pool maintenance includes many services. Among them are chemical testing of your pool water, adding the proper dosage of needed chemicals, brushing (extremely important to keep that up as chemicals alone are often not enough to prevent algae), pool sweep maintenance, vacuuming when needed, filter care and monitoring (pressure), Back washing when needed, Cleaning and emptying of the Skimmer and Pump baskets.

Please see our service page for service package specifics.

We service Porterville, Springville, Strathmore, Lindsay, and the surrounding communities.

Please give us a call at 559-460-0460 for answers to any questions you might have or to get your service started today!

Striving to earn your business, I hope to meet you soon!


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Serving the Porterville Area

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