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Professional Grade Cordless Vacuum System


The Bottom Feeder is a portable battery powered Vacuum System for your personal pool or your pool route. The compact size makes this ideal for those pools that need more than a quick skimming but has too much debris for a traditional manual vacuum with a hose a vacuum head. It is also great if you do not need the standard Vacuum System with the cart. The bottom Feeder weighs just 12 lbs. fully assembled including the battery pack.


Here is what the manufacturer says about the Bottom Feeder:



“The Bottom Feeder is a revolutionary pool cleaning system that combines innovative technology with lightweight flexibility. Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, The Bottom Feeder requires no hoses or lines – which saves you time and gives you the mobility and flexibility needed to vacuum pools in minutes. Designed by professionals for professionals, The Bottom Feeder is durable and effective and vacuums in as little as 4″ of water.”


I really like the portability of the Bottom Feeder. It is easy to carry back to my service accounts and it takes less than 30 seconds to connect it to my pole and drop it into a pool. It is powered by an 18 lbs. thrust motor which is less power than a standard Vacuum System but still very powerful. I didn’t notice much drop off in power between the Bottom Feeder and my other Vacuum Systems. The Body is light and maneuverable, and it is like using a standard manual vacuum head with the swivel on the handle. The great thing about it is that there are no hoses or cords so using it couldn’t be easier.



The Lithium Ion battery is rated to last for up to 2 hours of run time. This should be plenty of time each day if you service a standard size route. After your day ends simply plug in the battery to the charger and let it charge overnight. If the battery is completely drained it should take about 10 hours to fully charge it.  The battery is what makes the Bottom Feeder so compact and light. It attaches to your pool pole and rides behind the Body making the battery pack fully submersible.  



The bag on top is made from a fine mesh and the two bags that come shipped with the Bottom Feeder will filter down to 100 microns. These are high-quality bags made right here in the USA. I like the ease of attaching the bag and of emptying the bag. Simply pull the drawstring and clip it on over the top of the Bottom Feeder and that is it, you are ready to go.



The Bottom Feeder would be ideal for a homeowner who has a lot of large debris in their pool each week. The compact size makes this ideal for use and storage. If you have a pool route and have only a handful of heavy debris accounts, investing in the Bottom Feeder would save you time without needing a full-size Vacuum System and Cart. It’s just overall a very convenient and handy vacuum to carry back to your service accounts.



The Bottom Feeder is shipped already assembled. In the box are the Battery Pack and Charger, two bags, two Battery Cables, two Propellers and the body Feeder Head itself. It also is covered by a one-year warranty and from using it the Bottom Feeder is very durable.

Easy to carry back to any service account:

Many service accounts in my area can't accommodate a full-size service cart sothe Bottom Feeder is perfect for every tight situation and for accounts with a lot of steps. 


12 lbs. Fully Assembled:

The Worlds lightest Vacuum System coming in at 12 lbs. fully assembled. This makes taking it back to your service accounts easy and convenient. It also makes the bottom Feeder very maneuverable on the pool bottom. 

Great at Picking Up Debris:

With the 18 lbs. Thrust motor debris is easily picked up and trapped in the bag on top. Great for pools with light to heavy debris.  Speed up your service day with the Bottom Feeder.

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20 Micron Cartridge Filter Assembly

No more manual vacuuming. The 20 Micron Cartridge Filter Assembly will pick up dirt and debris to 20 microns! A real Game Changer!

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