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Get $100 off VacDaddy V2W!

The VacDaddy is a pretty solid product. And with the vacuum to waste (V2W) attachment it just moved into a whole new category.  No question that it performs as advertised. Putting it into a category of vacuum systems is another story and now you have to add it to the portable pump category.  It has the same 60 gallons per minute power as a full-size vacuum system like a Hammer-Head but is designed more like a system vac.


The vacuum to waste aspect of the VacDaddy is a true gamechanger for your pool route. Now you can use the VacDaddy to do clean-ups, green pool clean-ups, and any other use that requires a portable pump to vacuum a pool to waste. This makes the VacDaddy a truly versatile vacuum and expands the use from a daily vacuum to a device that takes the place of a larger portable pump.


Here is more about the VacDaddy unit from the manufacturer:

The primary benefit of The VacDaddy is EASE-OF-USE.


Lightweight and compact. At only 10 pounds, The VacDaddy is easy to operate and maneuver.

The minimal assembly is easy and intuitive. No special training is required to use. Simply plug in and Just Vac It.


Fast pool cleaning with more vacuuming power than other heavy-duty commercial vacuums.

Eliminates the need to set up and prime a bulky hose.


Perfect for touch-ups between weekly cleanings and to reach areas robotic vacuums can’t easily get to.


The VacDaddy is the most powerful, portable pool vacuum new to the market with a continuous power supply. The VacDaddy’s continuous power eliminates dependency on batteries with limited life. The VacDaddy is lightweight, easy to use, powerful, and requires no poolside assembly or training.



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