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Waterway Crystal Water

Cartridge Filter, 425 sq. ft.

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Waterway Crystal Water Cartridge Pool Filters are a solid choice if you are looking to replace or upgrade your existing pool filter. Waterway Plastics is a local California company that makes all of its products here in the USA and over the years the quality of its products has dramatically improved.


The Crystal Water Cartridges are the only cartridge filter on the market with 2 1/2″ internal piping, which will improve flow and reduce system noise when using existing 2″ or 1 1/2″ plumbing. The four cartridge elements offer much larger filtration area than the single cartridge type filters. Here is more about the filter and the available sizes: The Crystal Water Cartridge Filter offers a superior choice for easy maintenance and crystal clear, clean water. Combining high technology features and an easy to service design, the Crystal Water Cartridge Filter is ideal for new and replacement installations.


Features NSF Listed 2 1/2″ internal piping 2 1/2″ Valve Bulkhead Unions (includes 2″ and 1 1/2″ reducers)

Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene body for superior strength

“Multi-Handle” design Heavy-duty tamper-proof clamp with removal tool

Industry-proven quad-cartridge elements layout

“Start-Service” dial on the stainless steel pressure gauge

1 1/2″ bottom clean-out port Convertible to D.E. by simply changing the internals

A cluster of 4 cartridge elements for ease of maintenance and longer cleaning cycles

Crystal Water Cartridge Filters Part No. Size Flow Rate Pool Turnover (6 hrs.)

Pool Turnover (8 hrs.)

570-0325-07 325 sq. ft. 150 GPM 43,200 57,600

570-0425-07 425 sq. ft. 150 GPM 54,000 72,000

570-0525-07* 525 sq. ft. 150 GPM 54,000 72,000


A cartridge filter offers superior pool filtration in my opinion. When compared to a D.E. filter you can’t match the sheer square footage of a cartridge filter. For example, the largest standard grid D.E. filter is 60 sq ft. Compare that with the smallest cartridge filter in the Crystal Waterline at 325 sq ft. This means much better water quality and far superior filtration. Match that with the easy to clean cartridges and it is easy to see why many pool owners are switching to a cartridge filter. The Waterway Crystal Water filters are priced very competitively, and you can find them starting at $600 which is a very solid price point for a full-size filter. Waterway may not be a well-known brand but they have a good reputation in the industry of making good products and equipment. Even though the price point is on the lower end, this doesn’t mean that it is not a quality product.

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