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Pentair iChlor Salt Water System

The iChlor is Pentair's latest and best salt water generator system. What makes the iChlor a real winner is how easy it is to upgrade your IntelliClor salt system to the new iChlor salt system. No plumbing or wiring is required and you can do this in about 5 minutes.  The iChlor uses the same Power Center as the Intellichlor and the iChlor can be plugged  in directly to an Easy Touch, IntelliTouch or Sun Touch Panel. 

 The iChlor 30 is rated for up to a 30,000-gallon pool and produces 1 lb of chlorine every 24 hours while it is running. The iChlor 15 is rated for up to a 15,000-gallon pool and will produce 0.6 lbs of chlorine every 24 hours as it is running. If you have an IntelliChlor IC40 cell, don't worry about losing the 10,000-gallon production ability. Most homeowners have a pool with less than 30,000 gallons of water so the iChlor 30 should work fine in place of the IC40 cell. Compare the iChlor output with the IntelliChlor cells:

IC40 Cell produces 1.4 lbs of chlorine every 24 hours compared to the 1 lbs by the iChlor 30
IC20 Cell produces 0.7 lbs of chlorine every 24 hours compared to the 0.6 lbs by the iChlor 15

There are two ways to purchase the iChlor and there are two different sizes available. The iChlor is sold only in pool stores or you can purchase it from your pool service company. So you can purchase the complete bundle which comes with the iChlor cell, the Power Center and the special adapter to connect it to an existing 2” PVC line where the old IntelliChlor was connected at. The iChlor 30 bundle is part #523081. You save a little money if you purchase the iChlor 30 cell by itself #523009 and then also purchase the iChlor Adapter #523101. The only difference is that you are not getting the Power Center. If you have your IntelliChlor cell plugged directly into your automation this is the way to go since you do not need the Power Center. But if you are upgrading your system without an automated panel I suggest purchasing the bundle. That way you get the Power Center in case later on down the line you need it. Keep it in your garage as a spare for now.

So to install the iChlor you first turn the power off to the system. Make sure the IC20 or IC40 cell lights are all off and no power is going to the Power Center. Simply loosen the nuts on the old cell and remove it. Just as you would do when you go to clean the cell. Then unplug it from the Power Center. You will reuse the unions on the existing plumbing since you can't remove them.  I suggest using the o-rings from the new unions so you have a tight seal. Attach the adapter to one of the unions on the plumbing. Then simply attach the iChlor to the union on the adapter and the last union on the plumbing. Plug the iChlor into the old Power Unit. Turn power to the system back on. That is it, congratulations  - you have now upgraded your salt system to the iChlor! 

Let me touch on a few features of the iChlor and why I think you shouldn't hesitate to upgrade to it if your IntelliChlor cell needs to be replaced.  Here are some of the features of the iChlor:

Easily Retrofits an Intellichlor Cell & Power Center
Adjusts in increments of 1% for precise chlorine levels
Automation-ready -ScreenLogic2 Interface
iChlor 30 produced 1 lb of Chlorine running 24 hours
Detects an automatic cover - reduces output
Detects Intelliflo Pump activity
Automatic Reverse Cycling to prevent scale

The diagnostic menu shows 5 functions
Cell Life
Water Temperature
Salinity (Salt Level) Read Out 
Firmware Revision

So the iChlor is a big step up from the IntelliChlor cell in that it has a detailed Diagnostic Menu that will display the Salt Cell Lifespan and more importantly the pools Salt Level.


If your IntelliChlor salt cell is at the end of its lifespan consider upgrading to the iChlor 15 or iChlor 30 verses purchasing another IntelliChlor Cell. 

Here is one of the only online sites that carry the iChlor Adapter if you don't want to purchase the Bundle. I couldn't find the adapter from my supplier so you may need to purchase it online or your local pool store may be able to special order it for you.

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