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JPV Series of Cordless Battery Vacuums

The Jacuzzi® JPV300 Cordless Professional Pool & Spa Vacuum is a great tool that fits in perfectly between skimming your pool and manually vacuuming your pool with a system vacuum. It is priced just under $230.00 making it an affordable tool for your pool or spa maintenance. It is ideal for spas, above ground pools and small to medium in-ground pools. It is an extremely convenient way to vacuum your pool or spa and the fact that it is cordless allows you to just connect it to your pool pole and drop it right in. A huge time saver.

Here are some of the features of the JPV 300:

LPM Part #: 58202

Up to 1-hour run time on a full charge

10.5 inch Wide Vacuum Head

Advanced Motor. Lithium Battery, Cordless, and Fully Rechargeable

Multi-Layered Filter Cone to catch debris

High Volume Debris Chamber and Unique Filtration System

Includes Vacuum Head, Debris Chamber, Filter Assembly, Cleaner Body, Pool Pole Adapter, and Battery Charger

Fully Charges in less than 4 hours

2-Year Warranty

Push Button On/Off

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The Jacuzzi Jacuzzi® JPV200 - Professional Grade Pool and Spa Vacuum, is a rechargeable portable vacuum for your pool or spa. There are many great features of the JPV200 and I really like the compact size and large debris chamber and the power of the JPV200. Here are some more features of the JPV200:


“7.5 inch Wide Vacuum Head for catching more debris

Large Debris Chamber for the toughest jobs

Powerful Motor with Fully Rechargeable Lithium Powered Battery

Cordless Operation

2-Year Warranty


Includes Vacuum Head, Nose Cap, Filter Bag, Cleaner Body, Motor Box, and Battery Charger

Small enough to navigate spas and fountains, but strong enough to clean medium-sized above and in-ground pools, this cleaner can take on just about any job.

With its large debris chamber and filter bag, the Jacuzzi JPV200 Professional Grade Pool and Spa Vacuum, Rechargeable cleans large areas of pool, spa, or hot tub.


Featuring a cordless, hose-less design, a reusable Extreme Multi-Layer filter bag and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery technology.

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