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Zodiac® MX8™ Elite

This is the NEW Zodiac MX8 Elite Automatic suction Side Cleaner. The MX8 Elite is the first suction side cleaner to come equipped with brushes to scrub and clean the pool surface. The Zodiac MX8 Elite sets the standard for elite suction side pool cleaners.


What this cleaner does is quite revolutionary. Based on the Zodiac MX8 design which uses rotating scrubbers, but before this version, the scrubbers did not actually touch the pool surface until the Elite version added brushes to the bottom of the scrubbers. So now as the scrubbers spin, the brushes lift off caked on dirt and algae. You can actually hear them scrubbing the surface with a microphone in the water (I used my waterproof camera mic to pick up the sounds).



The MX8 Elite is loaded with great features. From the Cyclonic Scrubbing to the extreme wall climbing, this would be a solid choice for your pool. I would recommend it.

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MX8 Elite In Action - Algae Pool:

In this video, I demonstrate the MX8 Elite's unique ability to scrub algae off of the surface of a pool. The MX8 Elite has these great Cyclonic Scrubbing Brushes that spin and scrub as the MX8 Elite moves across the pool surface. 


This is not a review video but one just showing it in action in a pool with algae on the walls and bottom. It works amazingly well at scrubbing off the algae on the pool surface. I watched it leave streaks of clean areas on the bottom and walls. I tried to put together some clips that would show it best, but you have to see it working to get the full effect.


Listen to the three clips in which you can actually hear the MX8 Elite' brushes scrubbing the pool surface. It sounds pretty cool.


If you've seen my videos on pool algae you know there are various reason algae forms in a pool. It runs the gambit from poor circulation to poor chemistry to just lots of pollen falling into the pool. Some areas and some pools get it easier than others. But if you have proper running equipment and the chemistry is balanced algae is not usually a problem.  With that said it is cool that the MX8 Elite will clean algae if it presents itself as a problem.

Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit

If you already own the MX8 cleaner, Zodiac makes a Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit which is a Retro-Fit kit to add the scrubbing brushes to your cleaner. The Kit is basically two new Turbines with the brushes attached. This is a great way to upgrade your existing MX8 cleaner.



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