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VS OMNI™ Pumps with Smart Pool Control

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Control all of your Pool Equipment from your Smart Phone from anywhere! Heater, Spa and Pool Mode, lights, Color Logic Lights,

Spa Booster Pump, Cleaner Pump, Salt Water System, Water Feature Pumps, Air Blower, Deck lights and more! 

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The VS OMNI Variable Speed Pumps with Smart Pool Control is the easiest way to fully automate your entire equipment pad. I am not just talking about controlling the Variable speed Pump from the OmniLogic App but controlling every piece of equipment from the pool and spa lights, heater, cleaner booster pump, water feature pumps, salt system, spa booster pump, spa air blower and more. The Smart Pool Control can automate everything on your existing equipment pad. The OMNI VS Pump and Smart Pool control is backed by an industry leading 4-year warranty (TriStar 950)!



I suggest getting a Hayward Service Tech to do the installation for you and after these 6 easy steps your equipment will be fully automated and half the cost of purchasing a full complete automated system.


1. Mount Wiring Base Unit and Control Pad.

2. Replace pump. Detach power from the filter pump (or other high-powered equipment) and make wiring connections to the Wiring Base Unit. Run the supplied 6-ft whip from the Wiring Base Unit to the equipment.

3. Replace the existing light switch with Omni Smart Relay or install Smart Relay in line with controlled equipment.

4. Connect control wires from the controlled equipment—including Control Pad, Smart Relay comm cables, VS pump comm cables, sensors, and actuator cables—to the Wiring Base Unit.

5. Pair Wi-Fi® and configure the Control Pad.

6. Download and install the OmniLogic App on your phone or device.


That is it. No big box to install at the equipment area. One thing that you may need is an extra Smart Relay and two Valve Actuators if you want the Smart Control to turn the valves automatically from Pool to Spa Mode. This is the one must have feature for the homeowner – the ability to easily put the system into spa mode, turn on the heater and the spa light with a push of a button. And you can do this with the Smart Pool Control by programming in a Spa Party Theme. Just press the Spa Party button on your Smart Phone from anywhere – at work, on the train on your way home or coming back from a long road trip. The Pump will turn on, the Valve Actuators will turn the valves into spa mode, the heater will turn on to your pre-set temperature and the spa light will turn on. When you arrive home, simply jump in the spa and you are ready to go. It is that easy.



There are 4 different OMNI VS pumps to choose from. The TriStar 950 is the top of the line version with 2.7 total HP and the latest version comes with reversible voltage. This means that you can wire it at 110V or at 220V. This is great if you have an older pool without a standard 220V connection that most Variable Speed Pumps require. Just note that if you do wire it at 110V the total HP of the pump will be throttled down to about half the 2.7 HP that it is rated for. This is the pump that I would recommend for most pools that are medium to large in size and of course for those who are running their pool equipment on 110V. You can also purchase the TriStar 900, Super Pump Vs 700 and the MaxFlo Vs 500 with the Smart Pool Control.



No matter which OMNI VS pump you choose the Smart Pool Control is a real game changer for the industry.

The ability to program in Themes is the best feature of this system. Besides Spa Party you can do a Pool Party Theme, a theme featuring the pool and spa lights, a theme featuring the outdoor deck lights, just about whatever you can think of combining into a single one-touch button you can do with the Smart Pool Control. It also works with Amazon Alexa and there are several voice commands that you can use to activate the equipment and themes with Alexa.


Here is some more about the OMNI VS Pumps by Hayward:


VS Omni™ pumps reduce your customers’ energy costs by up to 90%, saving

up to $1,500 annually.



Featuring new EnduraDrive® technology, VS Omni pumps provide longlasting performance. An advanced, chemical-resistant Viton® seal offers

an added layer of durability.



VS Omni pumps reduce operating noise as well as energy consumption,

creating a backyard environment that’s instantly more peaceful and relaxing.”


Here is more on the Smart Pool Control:


Control Pad can be wall-mounted, features

an intuitive touchscreen interface and

maintains pool pad control even without

internet connection


Wiring Base Unit offers connections for both high and low voltage wiring for easy configuration with different types of equipment


App offers total control from anywhere on iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™


Smart Relay converts existing equipment,

such as Hayward® single-speed pumps and

lights, for use with VS Omni (can connect up

to three Smart Relays for additional control)

*4 Year warranty applies to Tristar 950 VS Pump with Smart Pool Control


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