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I've been using this filter cleaning tool now for almost a year and I have cleaned many cartridge filters on my route with it. 


It will give the cartridges a good deep cleaning between the Pleats which is important since the filtration square footage is created in those areas. If they remain dirty after cleaning the filter will not have the best flow.


As far as speeding up the cleaning, once you get the hang of it the Aqua Comb will increase your cleaning speed. I like it for its deep cleaning ability and reliability. 


Here are some videos :

buy now.jpg
buy now.jpg

Aqua Comb

Cleaning Tools for Pool, Spa, Equine & Pet

“Aqua Comb” a hand held pool filter cleaning tool that attaches to a hose.

They combine a powerful flat 3” wide water spray with a pic-comb of various lengths to fully clean pleated cartridge filters and for washing and grooming a wide variety of animals from horses, cows, pigs down to dogs of all sizes and hair lengths.

All Aqua Combs are:

  • 100% Made in the USA !

  • Trademarked and Patented

  • 100% Water tested before shipping

  • Made from high strength USA sourced plastics

For both the filter cleaning and animal grooming Aqua Combs offer remarkable results that no other products achieve.

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