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Portable Fire pump cart


Special Discount pricing available for Fire Departments!

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Advantage Manufacturing


Portable Fire Pump Cart:

The Portable Fire Pump Cart by Advantage Manufacturing is a must have if you own a pool and live in a fire-prone area. This is a great first line of defense in the event of a fire near your home. You can use the Fire Pump to spray water on your house and surrounding area and the water source is your backyard pool. You can also order the optional fire retardant which will cover about a 4000 sq. ft area around your property.


The Portable Fire Pump comes attached to a cart with two rugged wheels and a large handle on the front. Pulling the cart and setting it in position couldn’t be easier. Unlike the other Fire Pumps that you see on the market that are bulky and need two or more people to move into position, this Fire Pump can be moved and positioned in seconds. It comes with a 3 HP Gas Powered Briggs & Stratton motor and the pump features a 3 HP Impeller. It is rated to pump 80-100 gallons or more every minute depending on how high you set the Throttle.


Here are some specs on the gas motor:

Briggs & Stratton 550 Series Horizontal OHV Engine 127cc

OHV design for cooler operation, longer valve life

Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder sleeve for extended life

Float carburetor for consistent, easy starting

Maintenance-free Magnetron electronic ignition for quick, dependable starts

Maxi-Clean automotive-style paper air filter for superior protection and long engine life

Dual oil filter and drain

Dual ball bearings reduce wear for long life

DuraLube gear-driven splash lubrication system continuously supplies oil to all internal parts

Super Lo-Tone muffler reduces the noise level

50-state compliant engine

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Fuel Tank Capacity (qt.) 2

Oil Capacity (qt.) : 0.625

Engine Displacement: 127cc

What is Included:
20 feet PVC suction hose with polyethylene strainer

25 feet PVC discharge hose with adjustable nozzle

Quick-connect Camlock couplers included.


Advantage went with the Briggs & Stratton motor because of their strong reputation on reliability and durability. Pull the cord and the motor will fire up when you need it the most, like in the case of a fire in your area. You should however start the motor at least once every couple of months to test it and starting the motor helps it stay fresh and ready to go. The Water Way wet end pump is also super reliable, and you should not have any issues with priming the Fire Pump if you first fill the pump basket area with water. In my testing the Fire Pump pulled the water right away after firing it up.


This is an awesome piece of equipment and a great way to protect your house in the event of a fire in your area. Connected to your pool it will give you a good continuous water supply and you can use either the included fire hose or garden hose depending on your need. No need to worry about the water pressure in your area or loss of water pressure due to everyone using their garden hoses. The Fire Pump will use your pool or other nearby body of water as it’s water source. No need to worry about having power to your home, as the Fire Pump runs on gas so no need to plug it in anywhere.



fire pump 2.jpg

What is Included with the Portable Fire Pump Cart:


25 feet PVC discharge hose with adjustable nozzle,

Quick-connect Camlock couplers included.

fire hose.jpg

20 feet PVC suction hose with polyethylene strainer

Here is more about the optional Fire Gel that you can purchase along with the Fire Pump:

Barricade Fire Gel is the only fire chemical to receive the prestigious Champion Award from our nations E.P.A. We received this award for our industry-leading commitment to use only a safe surfactant in our revolutionary fire gel formulation. EPA defines safer surfactants as those that break down quickly to non-polluting compounds. EPA states that Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, commonly referred to as NPEs (found in other brands of fire gels), DO NOT MEET this definition. NPEs and their breakdown products are toxic to aquatic life! 



What is Included:

Fire Retardant gel can cover approximately a 4,000 Square foot home.
Barricade Fire Gel Home Kit: Case of (4) Barricade Fire Gel - 1-gallon containers

Barricade Garden Hose Applicator

Instructional DVD

vbaracade 2.jpg
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