Since 1919, LaMotte has been a committed leader in providing quality water analysis. They produce the broadest line of portable test equipment, Test Kits, and Test Strips. Reagents, instruments, and test kits are designed and manufactured at their  Maryland facility. LaMotte makes a wide variety of accurate and reliable test kits. 


The ColorQ Pro7 is a great kit for both the homeowner DIY and the pool professional. It takes the guesswork out of reading the reagent test results. 


No color matching, no look up charts, no guessing! The unique, multi-test ColorQ pool and spa hand-held photometer read SEVEN test factors listed here. It also tests for these factors in a broad range and comes with enough reagents for 144 test of six factors and 100 tablets for the CYA test. The colorQ Pro7:  


Well worth the initial investment. The ColorQ

Pro 7 is an easy to use a test kit that will make balancing your pool water very easy.


If you're looking for a great test kit you may want to research this test kit. I have two videos also that will help explain the test kit in more detail for you.

 You can order the ColorQ Pro 7 on

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