Best High-Range Robotic Pool Cleaners of 2021

Here are the Top Robotic cleaners based on my testing.  I tried each one in various pools and different levels of debris. The ranking is based on many factors and some, of course, are better than others. But there are also factors such as cost, weight, and features such as a remote control and how low they filter down to in particle size known as microns. A standard D.E. pool filter will filter down to 3-5 microns, a cartridge filter down to 10-20 microns -so you get the idea of how well a cleaner will filter and trap debris. So the ranking is based on these factors as well as other reviews from customers who have the cleaner.   No one pays me for my reviews and I don't work for any of the companies so the rankings are as unbiased as they can be.



Here is my selection of what I call High-Range Robotic Pool Cleaners. The Price point is closer to $1,000 plus or minus and they are loaded with features from a remote control down to a 7-day programmable cycle.  These are the robotic cleaners for those who want the best and are willing to pay top dollar for a solid and effective robotic pool cleaner.  



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Connected Cleaners

The Polaris ALPHA IQ+, Polaris 9550iQ Sport and the Dolphin Proteus DX5i are the next generations in Robotic Pool Cleaners which can connect to your Smart Phone or Device through an App.  This is a revolutionary way to control your Robotic Pool Cleaner and I think this will be the future of all of these cleaners to come.


Both the Polaris ALPHA IQ+. 9650 iQ Sport and the Dolphin DX5i are equally good and it is a tough choice between the two. The Polaris has more App features but the DX5i filters down to a smaller micron and is better suited for pools with very fine debris. The price point of the DX5i is also lower. 

The Polaris ALPHA IQ+ although similar to the Polaris 9650 iQ Sport features some things that set it apart. More in-app features like spot cleaning and the ability to set a weekly schedule and improved navigation and pool mapping software make it the gold standard in robotic pool cleaners.

#1 Polaris ALPHA IQ+

The Polaris ALPHA IQ+ Robotic Pool Cleaner is the most innovative robotic cleaner on the market today. The fact that you can use the iAqualink app to control it, turn it on and off, and set a weekly schedule makes it a techie’s dream machine! The software in the Alpha IQ+ features pool mapping and advanced navigation making it the smartest robot out there, giving it a high IQ so to speak and hence the name. Note: Purchase at Leslie's under the name VRXIQ+


Pros: Loaded with in-app features, 70 ft of cable, 2 navigation systems, 4 cleaning modes, caddy, 2 year warranty


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#2  Polaris 9650iQ Sport 

iAquLink Control - Connect to home Wi-Fi for access anywhere. From the App, you can use a Remote Control to control the cleaner and program cleaning cycles. It has a  dirty canister indicator and a countdown timer to start the cleaner later.  It will clean the pool floors, walls, and water line.  Brushes on the front to scrub pool floor and walls.



Pros:  4 wheel drive, 70 feet of cable, cord swivel, caddy for easy transport and easy lift system. Top access debris chamber.


Cons: Cleaner weighs 21 lbs. For really fine debris you will need to purchase the Ultra-Fine Sand and Silt Filter Canister - R0535800

#3 Dolphin Proteus DX5i

The Dolphin Proteus DX5i now offers two cleaning cycles for added convenience. The one-hour cleaning cycle is ideal for a quick clean, particularly on the floor and cove. The two-hour cleaning cycle is perfect for full cleaning coverage on floors walls and waterline.

Along with the same precise navigation and advanced 20-minute mapping of your pool, you can now control and drive the Proteus DX5i using the My Dolphin App on your smartphone. It also has an energy saver power supply with more functions than before, like touch-screen control and mode selection.

The Ultra Fine filter inserts are included in the box.


Pros: CleverClean Tech, 60 ft Cord, 2 Year Limited Warranty


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#4 Polaris 9450 Sport 

This is very similar to the 9550 Sport except that it lacks a remote control. I prefer a cleaner with a remote for spot cleaning or to show off to my friends :). But it has the same great cleaning capacity as the 9550 Sport and the 4-wheel drive system is excellent for wall climbing.  Plus it now features the same easy removal button as the 9550 Sport and the water evacuates from the cleaner making it very easy to remove.


Pros:  Excellent cleaning pattern, 7-day program, reliable,  evacuates water for easy removal, Cord Swivel on 2017 models


Cons: Cleaner weighs 21 lbs. For really fine debris you will need to purchase the Ultra-Fine Sand and Silt Filter Canister - R0535800

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#5 Hayward Tiger Shark Plus

The Hayward Tiger Shark Plus is a very solid robotic pool cleaner.  The bottom loading cartridge filter can trap particles down to 5 microns. It comes with 55 ft of cable and can clean the walls to the waterline. It also comes with a remote for spot cleaning and it has a simple 3-hour timer. A cart is optional and it comes with a 3-year warranty.  Well worth a look.


Pros: Does a great job on the waterline, Great cleaning pattern, largest debris openings in the industry. Cartridge Debris Chamber is great.


Cons: No cord swivel, standard version only comes with 1-year warranty. Remote is decent.

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#6  WaterTech Blue Diamond

This is your standard robotic cleaner with a few great features that make this a good choice for your pool. The cord swivel will prevent the cord from tangling and the smart cleaning pattern will allow this cleaner to rapidly clean your pool, faster than most other cleaners on the market. But the one thing to really like is the industry leading 4-year warranty! 


Pros:  Excellent cleaning pattern, will filter down to 2 microns, cord swivel prevents tangling and a Caddy Cart is included.


Cons: Bottom cloth debris bag can be a slight chore to clean, very simple control does not allow for any adjustments in cleaning time.

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