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As a direct replacement to Tri-Chlor tablets the CCH Endurance tablets and CCH Endurance Feeder would be something to consider for your pool route or personal residence. Sigura the parent company of CCH makes the only slow-release or slow dissolving Cal Hypo tablet on the market.


Here are some of the features of the Cal Hypo tablets:

Longer shelf life than liquid bleach

Effective alternative to chlorine gas and liquid bleach

Contain a scale inhibitor for improving feeder maintenance

Easy  to transport and use

The dry chemical does not leak

Reduces chloramine odors dramatically when compared to bleach

Calcium hypochlorite is less damaging on plaster and equipment

Contains no Cyanuric Acid or stabilizer


I think the number one benefit of the CCH Endurance tablet is the fact that they contain no Cyanuric Acid (CYA). When directly compared to Tri-Chlor Tablets which by weight are 50% or more Cyanuric Acid, the CCH Endurance tablets win hands down in that category. When you add Tri-Chlor tablets to the pool you are also adding large amounts of Cyanuric Acid which raises the pool's CYA dramatically.


A pool with very high CYA means that you will also need a very high Free Chlorine level to prevent algae and to kill bacteria and microorganisms. As the CYA level increases you will need more and more chlorine in the pool to counter the effects of the high CYA. For example chemistry expert Bob Lowry has done extensive testing and has found that you need 7.5% of Free Chlorine to the CYA level. Simply put if your pool has a CYA level of 100 ppm you will need to maintain the pool at 7.5 ppm of Free Chlorine each week to make the chlorine effective. That by the way is a lot of chlorine.

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