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Skimbot Robotic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner for Swimming Pools, Bluetooth App Enabled


The Skimbot is the latest solar surface cleaner to hit the market and it has some outstanding features. The compact size makes this the perfect solar-powered skimmer for most pools and it is full of the latest technology. If you’re looking for a solar-powered surface skimmer this season check out the Skimbot. Here is more from the manufacturer.


“Lightweight, easy to use Skimbot robot with sliding collection tray that prevents dirt and leaves from backwashing into your pool.


Bluetooth enabled robot with Proprietary iOS app and Android app for remote operation and automation schedules, plus anti-theft mode, eco-operation, and silent mode.


Constructed of DURABLE, UV enhanced plastics to withstand harsh pool environments, hot and cold temperatures, as well as overly sunny days. Efficient solar panels for energy operation and intelligent onboard navigation system to map the water surface and target dirty areas.

Turbo side wall washing to release and capture debris that clings to the pool edge, catching even smaller leaves, pollen, dust, and preventing algae blooms. Four forward-facing sensor eyes determine the distance to obstacles allowing for evasive maneuvers well before the chance of becoming stuck on pool edges, built-in tables, rock formations, hot tub outlets, ledges, and pool ladders.


An offensive leader for overall pool maintenance and cleaning, Skimbot works well in tandem with in-floor vacuum systems and bottom vacuums while decreasing the need to use such bottom cleaners or operate the pool pump as often.



An effortlessly crystal-clear pool is here. Skimbot automatically removes leaves, pollen, hair, insects, oils and more from a pool’s surface in a few easy steps. Put the robot in the pool, switch it on, and allow it to do the dirty work. The days of hand-skimming are over.



Skimbot is an advanced robotic technology that operates simply. The pool robot maps and cleans the entire pool efficiently by maneuvering around obstacles, accessing tight spaces, and collecting particles along edges.



Control the Skimbot manually using an Android or iOS device. Check pool temperature, battery status, charging wattage, and change usage settings all from a smartphone complete with Bluetooth capability.



Solar power saves energy and money. Through energy harnessed from the sun, the Skimbot proactively removes leaves and debris from a pool’s surface before they sink. This pool cleaner is totally free of cords and cables, plus decreases the run cycle of pumps.


Skimbot decides how to best clean your pool. Simply push start and drop her in your pool, and she’ll do the rest. With a forward paddle for initial thrust and debris scooping, Skimbot powers across the surface, catching up leaves, hair, and dirt along the way. Built-in side paddles quickly switch from forward to reverse as needed to move around obstacles, and even turbo-charge by bigger debris clumps near pool edges to suck in stubborn items.”





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