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If you notice that your pool’s water level is constantly high, and you have on In-Deck Auto-Fill, chances are the float valve inside has failed. Over time the plastic will wear out and it will develop a slight hole in it. The extra weight makes it constantly float low in the basin, just like what happens in the back of your toilet at home when the plastic float fails. The good news is that it is an easy repair and one you can do in less than five minutes.


“Why Float Tec ?


Save Money

Decrease the number of tile cleanings and the number of times you refill your pool by accumulating multiple hard water lines before cleaning.


Avoid replacing damaged tile due to heavy calcium build up in one spot.

Bypass the need to replace cut-rate float valves.


Save Water

Reduce the number of times you drain your pool by decreasing tile cleanings.


Save time

No tools needed.

One hand operation.

Accurate water level the first time with easy adjustment and oversize float.”


If you notice your pool’s water level is very high and you have an In-Deck Auto-Fill, replacing the float will solve the issue in most cases. There is one exception and that is if the water pressure to your house is out of balance and it is extremely high. This can sometimes activate the float valve mechanism and it will add water all day long as the high-water pressure forces open the valve. A plumber can check your home’s Water Pressure Reducing Valve and replace it if needed.



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