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I work out in the field full-time and I spend about 35 hours per week servicing pools and filming. The rest of the time I am editing videos, working on my Website, writing Blog articles, recording Podcast, answering comments and questions, responding to Patreon texts and phone calls (more on that later) and doing Social Media posts. I don't have a team of people working for me, it is just me doing all of this. I also do many things in my community and church and volunteer 6-8 hours per week. I do a lot and what drives me is a spirit of service. Helping others is my main goal.


I got started in doing all this after working several years on the Dave Ramsey plan to become debt free. This quest to pay everything off inspired me to pass it on just like Dave Ramsey does every day on his radio show. I thought, how can I be a blessing to others and help those who also may be on a budget and can't afford pool service. On the same token last year I decided to expand and create a site where I also help pool service professionals who are starting out making money and succeed in the business.


So I created my Patreon Page where I have different levels available where you can call me directly or text me in real time. This is open to the Pool Service Professionals as well as homeowners who want one on one real-time help. You can learn all about it directly on my Patreon Page.


You probably have found me here on YouTube if you are listening to this Podcast right now. I have an extensive video library with over 650 videos covering everything related to pool care. I spend a lot of time filming and editing these videos to deliver the best possible content for you in a clear and concise way. You can browse my video library or you can find everything neatly organized in my eBook where I have articles along with the video links. His is the best way to find a video on particular topic quickly.


The eBook is 170-page guide and in it, I cover every topic and as mentioned each topic is followed by video links so that you can watch one of my YouTube videos to learn even more. I sell the eBook on my website for $9.99 and I think it is a real bargain at that price. For the amount of content included in the eBook, I could sell it for a lot more. Visit my website and see a preview of the eBook


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swimming pool care book
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