Polaris Robotic Cleaners

Polaris only makes a few Robotic Pool Cleaners but they are all Top Notch and excellent products. They are loaded with features and work extremely well. They are designed to clean the pool floors, walls and waterline.  Their latest model the Polaris 9650iQ Sport is loaded with features. You can operate it from the Control Panel or from the iAquaLink App. From the App, you can Start and Stop the Cleaner, set a custom cleaning cycles, program a 7-day schedule and use the remote to manually control the cleaner. It also comes with a new cord swivel to prevent tangling. 



The cleaners only weigh 16 lbs and when you pull them out onto the deck all of the water will evacuate from the back in mere seconds. A great feature that makes the cleaners easy to pull out. This feature is available on all models except the 8050 Sport. 


All are top loading with a very large and easy to clean debris chamber. With a large opening on the bottom, it easily picks up large debris. The brush on front scrubs the surface as the cleaner is running.


The caddy cart comes with each cleaner and it is very compact and sturdy making it easy to store and transport the cleaner.


The 9650iQ Sport comes with 70 feet of cable. The 9550 Sport has an optional 70 feet of cable but comes standard with 60 feet. The 9450 and 9350 Sport has 60 feet of cable. The 8050 Sport comes with 50 feet of cable. So there are options for all pool sizes. 


To learn more about the different models see the videos and descriptions below.


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