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Help support this website and my YouTube Channel by purchasing your pool supplies through the links you find throughout this Website.  Simply click on a link of a product listed and you will be taken to Here are some items that I have reviewed on my YouTube Channel and and I think you will like them also.

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The SweepEase Pool Brush is a great product that will make brushing your pool easy and more effective. It is designed to use the water to increase the pressure against the brush, pushing down onto the surface. This makes for easier brushing and much more powerful brushing. 

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The Dog Dazzer II is an Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent that actually works! It stops aggressive and barking dogs in their tracks and is a great tool for anyone who goes into customer's backyards where there is a dog and potential danger.

Here is a handy organizer, caddy and tote for your pool nets and brushes. Easily store it by hanging it on your fence as the product is designed to lay flat. Use it to carry your brushes and nets back to your pool when you are ready to clean it. A very handy and affordable tool.

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The Leaf Bone is a simple but effective product. It is a plastic adapter that allows you to clip a standard Leaf Rake to your inground pool ladder to help pick up surface debris and leaves. Get yours today and see your surface debris disappear!

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