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The PORT-A-VAC 2.0 by Advantage Manufacturing is their most advanced portable filtration system to date. It can be used for a great many swimming pool applications including green pool clean-ups, one-time clean-ups, dirt evacuation, portable pads for non-functioning equipment, and more. The best way to describe it to you is that the PORT-A-VAC 2.0  is like having your pool equipment on a dolly that you can move around. This means that you do not need to rely on the pool equipment at your house, resort, or on your pool route. Simply connect your manual vacuum hose and vacuum out a pool directly from the PORT-A-VAC 2.0.

Here are some specs on the PORT-A-VAC 2.0 directly from the manufacturer:

1.5 HP self-priming pump with oversized trap
150 sq. Ft. cartridge filter
35' of 12 gauge insulated cord
Raised Rubber Tires
Rugged 0.090 wall steel
Powder-coated safety blue finish
On/Off switch with GFI

The PORT-A-VAC 2.0 uses a 150 sq ft cartridge filter so it traps dirt and debris down to about 10 or 15 microns. This means that the PORT-A-VAC 2.0  will pick up very fine dust, sand, and algae dust whereas the other types of vacuums fail at this. You would use your standard pool vacuum head and a 1.5” pool hose attached to the PORTAVAC to pick up the dirt and debris. 

This latest version for 2023 now includes a handy 3-way valve so that you can easily vacuum to “Waste Mode.” For green pool clean-ups, this is a great added feature. This makes vacuuming any pool where you don’t want the water to go back in a breeze. Simply connect a backwash hose or pool house to the discharge on the 3-way valve and place it near a drain or wherever you want the water to drain off. 

The new large plastic non-marking tires make transporting the PORT-A-VAC 2.0 simple and easy! 

I have been using the standard PORTAVAC to vacuum out the pools on my route for years now and it is working perfectly. It is so well balanced that even pulling it up a grass hill with one hand there is no fear of it tipping to one side. I wrap my pool hose around the PORTAVAC and carry my pole and vacuum head in my other hand. Or you can purchase their T-Bar mount and another hitch and add the Service Cart 2.0 to transport everything back to the pool. Then you can wheel the PORT-A-VAC 2.0 back to the stop for easy cleaning. It will only take an extra minute to wheel both carts back and forth to the service stop and truck. A great combination.



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Bumper mount accessory for Service Cart and Portable Vacuum System. Fits any truck bumper or drop mount in place of the tow ball.

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