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Complete Element Assembly

If you are servicing your Top Manifold D.E. filter and notice that the grids are ripped and the Top Manifold also has a crack, the easiest thing to do is to order a Complete Element Assembly. Watch this video for more details. Listed below are links to the most popular Element Assemblies.

The product is known by different names depending on the Manufacturer, Pentair calls it a Complete Element Assembly. Hayward; Grid Element Assembly or Pool Filter Element Cluster. Jandy; Complete Grid Assembly Replacement or Grid Element Assembly.


Each one comes completely assembled and includes all eight Filter Elements or Grids, Top and Bottom Manifold, rods or rod depending and the Air Bleed Assembly. Simply tank off your filter lid, pull the complete old Assembly out and set the new one in. Simple and quick. This would be perfect if you notice your Top Manifold has a crack and that you also need more than 4 new grids. It makes sense to just replace everything at once and have no more worries.


Of course, if the grids are good and you only need a Top Manifold - don't order this product. And if you just need all 8 grids and the Top Manifold looks fine - order just the grids. This is just if you need both at once. For a pool service tech, this is a great product to pick up at your pool wholesaler - I use SCP or Superior. They may need to special order it for you or transfer it between stores. A great time saver if you are doing a complete filter rebuild. The life of the filter tank itself will outlast all of the internal filter parts so you may be doing this a couple of times over the life of the pool filter itself. Typically grids will last 4-6 years and the Top Manifold maybe 5-8 years - it really depends on the water pressure in the tank and the specific manufacturer. Pentair seems to be the weakest and crack easily, although their filter tanks are very long lasting. Jandy seems to be the best built but the most expensive to replace.

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