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A Portable Clean-Up Pump to vacuum out your swimming pool is a great tool

to add to your arsenal. It really has come in handy on my pool route for green

pool cleanups or for pools that just are not running.


For a long time, I was using a 3/4 hp pump that I wired to plug in for green pool clean-ups. It had burned out on my last year and I was looking for a good affordable replacement pump to use in my clean-ups. I found this very nice and affordable Hayward d Above Ground Pool Pump: SP1580 Power-Flo LX Series 1-Horsepower with a six-foot cord and plug.


The pump has a lot of power and is rated for 80 gallons per minute. With no filter or plumbing, it has excellent suction.


There are many uses for a portable pump from a green pool clean ups to cleaning a pool with lots of dirt or ash on the bottom from a fire or maybe floodwater runoff. I also use it to clean pools that are down for a long period of time.


It is also a great way to bypass a filter that isn't so great and a big time saver on having to take the filter apart and clean it every 5 minutes.


There are two pipe fittings you will need to allow a regular pool hose to be attached to the pump.

Hayward SPX1091Z4 Hose Male Smooth Adapter


You can use Teflon tape on the threaded parts to achieve a nice air/water seal. You will need to clamp the top hose on so it doesn't pop off from the water pressure. The vacuum hose attached to the inlet should stay on without a need of a clamp. Just push it on firmly.


The pump itself primes up very well. It might take about a minute for the water to really start flowing if you are using a 50 ft vacuum hose. Sometimes you will need to prime it again a second time but I have used this now on several occasions and it runs great.


So here is a little pool guy trick for you that will make pool clean-ups a breeze.


Just note that you will need to follow the green pool clean-up procedure and use this pump to vacuum out the dead algae from the bottom. Try to work fast since you are losing water while you do this.

Portable Pumps:

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