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Riptide SL Beast Mode


The Riptide SL cart is designed to take the Riptide Pool Vacuum System and Battery back to your service stop. There is a bin in front and one in the back where you can store chemicals and such. I wouldn’t say it is lacking space for the average pool pro. But if you are like me and you like to take everything possible back in one trip to each stop, it can get overloaded.


Riptide has the solution to this with their New!  Handlebar Organizer and their Quart Bottle/Tab Holder.


The Handlebar Organizer can hold a leaf rake, brush, Taylor test kit, test strips, tools and whatever else you wish to add to it. This will leave the bins open for chemicals and other pool tools. Basically the organizer has really opened up the possibilities with the Riptide SL cart and you can bring some much need supplies back with you now to every stop.


You can add as many as 4 of the Quart Bottle Holder the the Riptide which is a great way to bring back the industry standard Quart Bottles and Spray Bottles to your stops. You can also transport up to 5 Tri-Chlor Tablets beack with you in one of the holders.

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