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Hayward Navigator V-Flex & PoolVac V-Flex

It has been a long time since Hayward has updated their Navigator and PoolVac Cleaners. Since acquiring Poolvergnuegen and their PoolCleaner line it was only a matter of time that Hayward would use their patented V-Flex Turbine for their Navigator and PoolVac cleaners. The V-Flex Turbine is great at picking up large debris and adding it to these two cleaners have made them that much better.

This is the NEW Navigator V-Flex & PoolVac V-Flex by Hayward. The V-Flex models are a substantial upgrade from the standard Navigator and PoolVac models. The V-Flex Turbine is a flexible turbine; the vanes collapse as water passes through the mouth of the cleaner allowing it to pick up larger debris.


Along with the upgraded V-Flex turbine, the A-Frame has also been beefed up with a larger longer lasting bearing and a redesign that will give this part a much better lifespan. If you're familiar with the old Navigator and PoolVac you know about swapping out the A-Frame and Turbine often as it wears down.


This design change is significant because it fixes two of the main issues with the Navigator and PoolVac, those being, the parts wear out fast, and small debris jams the cleaner. The old fixed turbine would just get jammed too often on debris. The V-Flex turbine won't have this issue. 


Both the Navigator V-Flex and PoolVac V-Flex are part of Haywards expert line. They are only available at your local pool store or if you are a pool service tech at your local wholesale distributor. They are not available online.



Hayward PoolVac/Navigator V-Flex Upgrade Kit

If you have an old Navigator or PoolVac and it is time to rebuilt it you might want to considering getting the V-Flex Upgrade Kit.  They sell several versions of the Upgrade kit.


It is also part of Hayward's Expert Line so it is not available online, only at your local pool store or wholesale distributor. 


The standard Upgrade Kit includes: 


  • V-Flex Turbine kit

  • Bearing free A-Frame kit and retainer

  • Replacement Shoes (x4)

  • Replacement Wings (x2)

  • Suction inlet (Throat)     



 Upgrade Kit Plus which includes: 


  • V-Flex Turbine kit

  • Bearing free A-Frame kit and retainer

  • Replacement Shoes (x4)

  • Replacement Wings (x2)

  • Suction inlet (Throat)

  • Pod Kit

  • Front and Rear Flaps










VVX3000CKITWH – V-Flex Upgrade Kit White

VVX3000CKITBLK - V-Flex Upgrade Kit Black

VVX3000VKITWH V-Flex Upgrade Kit-Vinyl-White

VVX3000SCKITWH – V-Flex Upgrade Kit – Plus

VVX3000SCKITBK - V-Flex  Upgrade Kit Plus -Black

VVX3000SVKITWH - V-Flex  Upgrade Kit Plus-Vinyl-White

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