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Sutro recently came out with their Pro app and a program for builders and pool service professionals to link multiple Sutro devices into the app so you can monitor your customer’s accounts with the Sutro Smart Monitor. This app allows you to install a Sutro at a customer’s pool and monitor Free Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity, and water temperature via Wifi or LTE over the internet and allows you to see these readings anywhere where you have an internet connection.


The applications of this are that if you do startups the Sutro will take 3 readings per day for you and this will help with any warranty requirements from the builder. Since the Sutro will take the FC, pH, and ALK (and Temperature) – four test factors of the Saturation Index, if you are computing the LSI at this pool all you will need is the Calcium Hardness reading and CYA at the initial fill and the Sutro will monitor the rest for you as long as it remains in the pool.


If you are a builder you can offer the Sutro to your customers for some time. Three months, 6 months, or 1 year, and the Sutro will monitor the water chemistry for the client making the transition from non-pool owner to a pool owner that much smoother.


As a pool pro, you can also install the Sutro at your premium accounts and monitor these test factors 3 times a day all month long. For the pool store, you can hand a customer the Sutro and Hub and then monitor their pool for them to help troubleshoot their chemistry issues. There are of course other applications with the Sutro Pro app for your service business.


The device is also backward compatible for test factors that will be added later like Cyanuric Acid (CYA). They are also working on an LSI Calculator for the app for a future release. Here is the cost breakdown for you.


The pricing of the Sutro Pro is still being worked out and you can email Sutro directly to learn more about the price point for multiple devices.

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