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Orenda Technologies makes a wide variety of products for your pool and spa and I have highlighted a few of them here for you. One of the things that set Orenda apart is their focus on training and the use of their app along with educating customers on how to use their products correctly.


PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate

Phosphates are measured in PPB (Parts Per Billion) which should be an indicator for you that even a small amount can affect your pool water quality negatively. If you are having issues with your pool holding chlorine or algae forming on the pool surface, you may have an issue with an elevated phosphate level. Testing the water for phosphates would be the 1st step to take. If you have a high level of phosphates in the water this could be the primary reason why your chlorine is not holding and why you have algae. Of course, there may be other factors but it helps if you start first by reducing the phosphate levels in your pool. You can achieve this by using a phosphate remover like PR-10,000.


PR-10,000 is a highly concentrated phosphate remover and 8 oz. will remove phosphates up to 1500 ppb in a 10,000-gallon pool. By reducing the phosphates you make the chlorine more effective and eliminate a food source for the algae. In most cases, if you had high phosphate levels this is all you need and your pool will rebound quickly. If your pool does not the other factors may be an inefficient filter, too low a run time and very high CYA levels. But the PR-10,000 is an effective phosphate remover and is sold in as little as 8 oz. bottles up to gallon sizes for pool service use.


CV-600 Catalytic Enzyme

Enzymes are used in the most part to help break down non-organic waste in a pool that can form from a number of sources including suntan lotion, detergents, body oils and more. Adding an Enzyme like CV-600 is a great way to help the chlorine work more effectively. Typically, you will see a scum line forming on the waterline or even see oil on the pool surface after a heavy bather load. If your pets swim in the pool you may also notice more oils in the pool and all of this affects the efficiency of the chlorine in the pool. To reduce the non-organic matter in your pool or spa, adding an enzyme is a very effective way to do this and also to enhance the chlorine in the pool.


SC-1000 Scale and Metal Control

It is a professional-grade chelant that can prevent metal stains and carbonate scale formation. It works to dissolve carbonate scale and protect plaster during initial startup and beyond. If you notice scale on your pool surface the SC-1000 would be a good product to add to your pool to reduce the scaling and it also controls metal staining in your pool. One thing to note about the SC-1000 is that it will lower the chlorine level in your pool. If you add a quart to a 10,000-gallon pool and the chlorine level is 3.0 ppm, it may lower it down to 1 ppm. So before using the product you will want to raise your chlorine level up in your pool.


I really like the Orenda app which is a free app full of great resources as well as a dosage calculator. One of the best parts of the dosage calculator app is how it can calculate your swimming pool’s LSI. This is an index that will allow you to determine if your pool water is scaling forming or aggressive. This is an important aspect of pool chemistry and one that is often overlooked.

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