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Betta 2.0 Solar Surface Cleaner


The Betta Solar Powered surface cleaner has one distinct advantage over other cleaners on the market. It is not the cleaning ability, nor the price point but the fact that the makers of this product are always finding ways to improve their product. No one like 1-star reviews and the best way to avoid this is by making your product a 5-star product.


The upgraded Motor design will have all external surfaces coated with polymer to prevent unwanted crystallization and other forms of chemical residue from occurring on the surface. The motor has also been redesigned to make them modular and easy to swap out in the event f a failure.


The on/off button on top was tricky and sometimes water could get in there.

A magnetic main switch now is installed for better durability and waterproofing performance. It is also clearly marked on/off for ease of use.


I for one don’t like distracting lights flashing in my pool since it is right outside of my back door. Many users complained about the red blinking light on top flashing all night long. It was a cool touch and made it look like a real product with flashing lights, but annoying.


The LED strip indicator is eliminated for the reason of light nuisance at night and a simplified user interface.


Interesting that with the handle on the front removing the cleaner from the pool was still awkward. If you pulled it up by the handle debris would come out of the back as the debris basket tipped backward into the pool. In place of the LED light strip, they extended the back out to make a handhold for horizontal retrieval of the cleaner.


A handgrip recess is added to this part to help to lift the robot from water.

Four water depth bumper rods are added to the front and back of the robot to keep it from getting stuck in shallow water such as an area with steps

The main compartment for the control board will be a separate unit attached to the main housing for more reliable waterproofing performance.





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