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Leaf Master Pool Cleaner

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If you live in an area where a large amount of leaf debris falls into your swimming pool, a Leaf Master like the one in this video might be the perfect pool tool for you. Prices start as low as $30 for the basic one and go as high as $70 for the more premium version. The Leaf Master is also known as the Leaf Vacuum or Leaf Bagger which is the version in this video – Blue Devil B5115 Pro Leafbagger.


Since I clean pools for a living I always go with the best equipment and I also suggest for the homeowner to chose the more premium versions to lessen the frustration of using inferior equipment. The Blue Devil B5115 Pro Leafbagger in this video has seen years of use and is very well made. It has bearing swivel wheels on the bottom making it move very smoothly on the pool bottom as well as making it easy to steer. It also comes with a handy shut off the connection, so once you pull it out of the pool you simply can reach over and shut the water off instead of running over to the hose bib. It also has a premium aluminum swivel handle that will prevent the handle from breaking and the swivel gives you even more maneuverability. It is definitely a top choice as far as Leaf Master cleaners go.


How a Leaf Master works is rather simple. You attach a standard pool pole to it just as if you were going to manually vacuum out your pool. It uses the water from an attached garden hose to shoot small jets of water into the mouth or opening of the Leaf Master. These jets of water pick up debris from the pool floor and trap it in the bag on top. The bag on top collects the debris and dirt (depending if you are using a fine mesh bag) and then after you are done you simply empty the bag out. A few things to note. As you are using the Leaf Master you will be adding water to the pool. So work quickly as to not waste water. Also, like in the video, I suggest you use an Expandable Garden hose versus a standard rubber hose.


The Expandable Garden Hose has several advantages over a standard hose. The first thing is that it is very lightweight and compact, so if you service pools this is an easy way to get a 50 to 100 ft hose back with you with minimal effort. But the really nice thing about the Expandable Hose is that since it is not heavy rubber but a cloth type material the hose will float on the surface of the pool. This is great since a standard hose will sink to the bottom and you need to work your way around it as you are using a Leaf Master. With the hose floating on top you will have free range over the entire pool bottom making the job that much easier and faster.


The Leaf Master is a great way to clean the leaves out of your pool on a budget. For under $100 you can purchase the Leaf Master and a good Expandable Hose.


I actually stopped using mine when I started using the Power Vac and Riptide Vacuum Systems on my pool route. If you service pools for a living or are a homeowner who has a pool that is constantly filling with leaves week after week, you may want to invest in a Vacuum System. A Vacuum System like the Power Vac or Riptide Vacuum is a great way to speed up the cleaning process. They are self-contained vacuums powered by a Marine Battery and are equipped with a 30 lbs thrust motor. The leaves and debris will just jump off the pool bottom into the large debris bag on top. This is a great option for those pools that just get filled with leaves week in and week out.

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