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Waterway Power Defender 270 VS Pump

The Waterway Power Defender Variable Speed pump is a great new entry into the Variable Speed pump market. The Variable Speed Pump market is, of course, a market dominated by the big three manufacturers Pentair, Hayward and Jandy. But I think there is plenty of room for smaller companies like Waterway, especially when they make a quality VS pump like the Power Defender.

Let me touch on what I think are the best features of this pump and why I think it a VS pump you may want to seriously consider upgrading to. The motor on the back is made by Century Motors. This is the same company that makes the VS motors found on the back of the Hayward and Jandy VS pumps. In fact, it is the same exact motor that is on the Jandy VS pump. The only difference is the control panel on top of the pump. That is designed and manufactured by Century Motors themselves. The Wet End or front plastic area is of course made by Waterway and it is a product designed and manufactured here in the USA. It has been pressure tested to 50 PSI and is made out of very strong plastic. Advantage Manufacturing which makes portable pump systems has been using the Waterway Wet End for years now because they are extremely durable.

The pump is shipped with a lot of key parts. It comes with two CPVC Unions with an added bonus of being swivel unions to help align the plumbing with your existing setup. This means you can actually move the plastic pipe at different angles on the union to perfectly align it with the old existing plumbing.  Also included are many optional plastic bases to raise up and lower the pump down so that the inlet lines up perfectly with where your old pump was sitting. Four bases of different heights are included in the box. This is extremely helpful if your equipment sits on a cement pad. Now you can simply select the correct base to line up the Power Defender VS Pump without remodeling your equipment pad.

I think the best feature of this pump is the AUX relay that will allow you to connect a Salt Water System or a Cleaner Booster Pump directly to the back of the pump. This means that you can set the Salt Water System to activate when the pump reaches a set RPM. For instance, say you want your Salt System to turn on for 8 hours per day. Simply set the AUX activation speed to 2500 RPM and when the pump reaches that speed the AUX relay will activate and send power to the Salt System. You can set the AUX to time out after 8 hours or simply set the 2500 RPM speed to run for 8 hours per day. Once the pump drops below 2500 RPM the AUX relay will turn the Salt System off. You can do the same thing if you wanted to connect a Cleaner Booster Pump instead. This will eliminate a need for a separate timer to run your Salt System or Cleaner Booster Pump. Not you can only connect one of these to the AUX relay but it is a great feature to have included on a VS pump.

The Power Defender Pump also features a built in Freeze Protect Mode and a Time Out Mode that can be set to 30 minutes up to 24 hours. This is a great feature to have included on any pump and the fact that you can set and adjust both the Freeze Protect and Time Out mode is an added bonus.

The Power Defender Pump comes loaded with some great features and it is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty. It would be a great choice for a Variable Speed Pump for your pool.

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