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Swimming Pool Care The Essential Guide e-Book

Over 280 pages covering Everything!
Two eBook formats to choose from. You will get a PDF & the option to view the book in Flip Book format


The eBook “Swimming Pool Care The Essential Guide” which I call a vBook/eBook because it has over 500 video links. These video links are by category to help you find a video for your specific pool problem or pool need. Looking for an automatic cleaner? I have reviewed most of them and the video links are all here in this book. Note that you must have an internet connection to view the videos. Have a problem with your pump or filter? You can find the solution right in these pages.


I had been asked on many occasions if I had a comprehensive guide of all of my videos, so I decided to create one here in this eBook. The design is simple and straightforward. Each section is listed in a specific order and under each section, there are articles and more importantly, video links to videos on my YouTube Channel. Here are the Sections covered in the book:


Algae Treatment & Green Pool Clean-Up

Balancing Your Pool Water

Pool Test Kits

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools Advanced Vacuum Systems

Cleaning your Pool

Automatic Cleaners

Pumps & Motors


Pool Skimmers and Skimming Products

Pool Equipment & Problems

Timers and Automated Systems

Salt Water Pools

Metal, Stains, and Scale in Your Pool

Money-Saving Tips

So You Want to be a Pool Guy/Gal


The eBook is in a Downloadable PDF format & you can also view it in FlipBook format.


I am offering this eBook for a low price of $9.99. You can purchase the book on this webpage thru a secure website checkout and start using the book right away. It is the best resource that you can get and you will find the format very easy to use. 


With over 280 pages of articles and 500 video links, you will find the answer to your pool problem whether you are a homeowner or pool service technician.


Updated with over 60 Scan-able  

QR codes  to easily access a related video

(Try this code here): 



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Two formats in one book. Get a PDF
download and in the back of the book
a link for the online Flip Book version.

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Note: This is a downloadable eBook.

If you want a printed version you 

can order it on


Just bought your EBook. I couldn't have ask for a book on pools so packed with information and videos to go with it. Everyone who has a pool should purchase your book. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it and for all of your videos. - Wang

"Loving it so far. So easy to use!!!" - Alan  F.

The  eBook is great!  I feel like a do it yourself homeowner and anyone getting into the business 

can use it. The text attached with the video links is Golden. - Mike, Royal Pools & Spas Orange County, Ca. 

I am overwhelmed by your body of work. You've invested a remarkable amount of your time and,  I'm sure,  resources in this project. - Tal, MultiTork 

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