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PAL Lighting PCR-2Z 65W Multi Color Dual Zone 4 Wire Transformer and Controller, 24VDC 64-PCR-2Z-65


The PAL EVENGLOW light system is shown here for a pool and spa retrofit and the PAL Light 64-PCR-2Z-65 PAL 65W Multi Color Dual Zone Rem Ctrl Transformer 24VDC is a great upgrade to the original system. This upgrade kit will allow you to control two zones independently like a pool and spa light combo. You can have one color or programmed show in the pool and a separate one in the spa.


PAL Lighting – over 30 years of experience in aquatic lighting and are the leaders in the state of the art engineering and manufacturing. The EvenGlow lights are designed of course for new builds but are also made to retrofit into your existing pool and spa niche. There are millions of standard incandescent lights right now in pools and spas across the country and the PAL EvenGlow lights would be a perfect upgrade. The Dual Zone control option will just take this system to the next level. You can order a new PAL system with the PCR-2Z PAL 65W Multi Color Dual Zone Rem Ctrl Transformer 24VDC or upgrade your existing Pal light system.

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