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Portability Kit


The New Portability Kit brings the Bottom Feeder Portable Battery Powered Vacuum System into the category of a must have Machine. The Portability Kit consists of a small pole section where you can attach the battery and vacuum head, a handle for easy carrying and a new on/off switch making the unit easy to use. Simply attach the Portability kit to your existing pool pole, turn it on and begin to vacuum the pool. No more need to remove the battery from the vacuum head to turn it off and no need to install the battery on your pool pole at every use. If you already have the Bottom Feeder Vacuum System you can order the Portability Kit on their website.

The compact size makes this ideal for those pools that need more than a quick skimming but has too much debris for a traditional manual vacuum with a hose and a vacuum head. It is also great if you do not need the standard Vacuum System with the cart. The Bottom Feeder weighs just 12 lbs. fully assembled including the battery pack.

Easy to carry back to any service account:

Many service accounts in my area can't accommodate a full-size service cart sothe Bottom Feeder is perfect for every tight situation and for accounts with a lot of steps. 



Light Weighed and Portable:

Weighs just 12 lbs/ fully assembled. The NEW Bottom Feeder Portability Kit comes with 1 short pole section, 1 handle, 2 bags, 1 cable with an on/off switch, 1 extra standard cable, one battery, 1 extra propeller and the charger.

Bottom Feeder Portability kit.JPG

Great at Picking Up Debris:

With the 18 lbs. Thrust motor debris is easily picked up and trapped in the bag on top. Great for pools with light to heavy debris.  Speed up your service day with the Bottom Feeder.

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botom for comm.jpg

20 Micron Cartridge Filter Assembly

No more manual vacuuming. The 20 Micron Cartridge Filter Assembly will pick up dirt and debris to 20 microns! A real Game Changer!

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