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PAL EvenGlow Retro-Fit Pool & Spa Lights

This set includes a new pool light, a new spa light, both with an 80 ft cord and the driver with the included remote. If you have an existing Pentair, Jandy or Hayward Automated system, you can set the DIP switches in the driver so that the lights can be controlled from your existing automated system. With that out of the way, I need to mention that the EvenGlow lights are totally awesome!


This is PAL Lighting first reach into the existing pool and spa market. PAL Lighting – over 30 years’ experience in aquatic lighting and are the leaders in the state of the art engineering and manufacturing. The EvenGlow lights are designed of course for new builds but are also made to retrofit into your existing pool and spa niche. There are millions of standard incandescent lights right now in pools and spas across the country and the PAL EvenGlow lights would be a perfect upgrade.

For example, if you have a regular 400-watt pool light and a 100-watt spa light and you run your pool and spa light for 4 hours one night, that is 2000 watts of electricity. Replace those with the PAL EvenGlow LED pool and spa light and since they generate only 37 watts every hour after 4 hours that is only 148 watts and a savings of 1,852 watts. I should also mention that these lights are backed by a 3-year warranty and are rated for 50,000 hours of use. So if you use these lights 4 hours a night they should last around 34 years!

The PAL EvenGlow lights will be available at your local Leslie’s Pool Supplies Retail outlet and you can have them expertly installed by Leslie’s Installation Specialist.

Here is some more about these amazing lights:
Unique lens optics creates EvenGlow effect in the pool
No more harsh LED or Incandescent light
No more hot LED laser-like beams across the pool
Reduce shadowing and hot spots
Three-year warranty (with professional install)
Proprietary Color Touch light control
Latest in RF and WiFi technology
Infinite color selection 
Reliable constant output power supplies
Industry-best warranty rate
Easy retrofit to existing niches
Fits any standard 8” wet niche
Frosted lens design for EvenGlow Effect
30 watts power draw at 12vdc (12” Pool Light)
7 watts power draw at 12vdc (Smal Spa Light)
RGB with Color Touch Technology
Cool White coming soon for commercial
Stainless Escutcheon fitted with light
Replaceable hook at bottom of the light
UL Listed

Some of the features I really like are how fast you can spin the remote to create an infinite color show effect. I also like the dim feature (note that it only works in PAL mode and is not dimmable connected to an automated system). Dimming the lights when I am using the pool at night makes for a perfect lake feel with just enough light to be safe but not the typical blinding light underwater. I also like the rich and vibrant colors that this light produces. You have to see it in person to realize how much better they look over the standard color changing lights.

The remote is simply awesome. Easy to use and very touch-friendly. You can also order an optional WiFi Module and control the lights with your smartphone or device with the PAL lighting app. Available for both Apple and Android devices.

The PAL EvenGlow lights are the total upgrade package for your pool and spa. I wouldn’t hesitate to go with these lights if you are thinking about upgrading your pool and spa light. 


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Optional WiFi App Control!

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Current Sets

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