Celapool Low Dust D.E. Filter Powder

EP Minerals decided to develop CelaPool in response to the complaints about the high dust levels in the pools using Celatom DE. Since it is a relatively new product it will take a little time for it to be widely available. I will post an update when it is more widely available for early 2017. I highly suggest switching over to CelaPool DE and to stop using more traditional DE due to the health risks from the dust.


It should retail for about $25 for a 24 lbs bag. The smaller bags will be less. Comparable to the price of a regular bag of DE.


Here is what I like about the CelaPool DE powder. There is no dust. The dust from regular DE is an industrial hazard. Meaning if you use it frequently,(like us pool guys), and inhale the dust which you shouldn't, it will cause lung issues and possibly cancer. The CelaPool solves that problem and makes DE very safe to use.


The amount of CelaPool you will add to your pool is the same as for regular DE. Here is the dosage amount for quick reference:


For complete filter charging with the Aladdin 300 DE E-Z Scoop:


24 sq ft filter: 4 scoops

36 sq ft filter: 6 scoops

48 sq ft filter: 8 scoops

60 sq ft filter: 12 scoops

72 sq ft filter: 14 scoops


45 sec to 1 minute filter backwashing with the Aladdin 300 DE E-Z Scoop:


24 sq ft filter: 2 scoops

36 sq ft filter: 3 scoops

48 sq ft filter: 4 scoops

60 sq ft filter: 6 scoops

72 sq ft filter: 8 scoops

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