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Above Ground Pool Care


The key is to keep the water balanced not just for enjoyment and everyday use but because when an above ground pool turns - starts to get algae it is harder to reverse it. Mainly because the equipment is undersized for the amount of water. Manufacturers can't package full-size equipment for practical reasons like set-up and assembly. So you are working with equipment that is designed to keep a balanced pool blue and looking good. The equipment is not designed for a green pool clean-up.  Some newer above ground pools don't have a skimmer or vacuum port so once it gets out of hand things can get frustrating. 


One solution is to upgrade to better equipment but the less expensive alternative is to not let the pool turn green in the first place. 


A good test kit is essential and testing the water each week or several times a week will keep the pool looking good.


In the video, I recommend the BBB Method of pool care as it is the easiest, safest and best way to keep your pool blue all season long. The other chemicals were designed and made for the pool service companies who can only service a pool once a week. But they are marketed now to homeowners for convenience sake.  Liquid chlorine or Clorox bleach is the best way to sanitize your pool.


Investing in good cleaning equipment is a must also. A good brush and leaf rake will make keeping your pool clean a breeze. Brush at least once a week and skim the leaves off the top when you check the chemicals. 


Some above ground pools cannot be manually vacuumed but there is a great alternative in the Water Tech Pool Blaster battery operated cleaners. These work really well and I use them on my pool route every week.  They are easy to use and reliable, plus they come with a one year warranty so it is a safe purchase.



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If your Above Ground Pool has a skimmer or vacuum port you might want to invest in an automatic cleaner. Even if your pool lacks a skimmer or vacuum port you can still connect the automatic cleaner hoses directly to the inlet line of the pool with an adapter. 


But note that your pool pump must be a fairly good size or there will not be enough suction to move the cleaner effectively. I would say 40 GPM would be the minimum or at least 3/4 hp pump. A 1/2 hp pump may not have enough pull. The filter size is also a factor as it causes resistance but the main factor is the pump size. 


The cleaner will only do the bottom of the pool but it might be worth it as they are not overly expensive. Here are a few to look at:


Balancing your Above Ground pool is crucial. Once it gets out of hand it is hard to turn it around. A good test kit is a must and testing it once a week or more is important in keeping it balanced. Here are some links to some test kits that I recommend.



In some cases, you might want to consider upgrading the equipment that came with your Above Ground Pool.  If you plan to keep the pool up for years to come then it will be easier on you if the equipment was bigger and more powerful. So a larger pump and filter would be a good upgrade and one that will save you time and money in the long run. Here are a few suggestions for you. 

This Hayward 1 or 1 1/2 hp pump will really get the water flowing in your pool. It also comes with a plug so no wiring needed. The Hayward Bump D.E. filter or the Hayward C500 Cartridge filter will keep your pool looking clean and blue with minimal effort. 


And this Intex sand filter and pump is rated for 43 gallons per minute so a good upgrade if you have a small pool with very small equipment. 

Keeping your Above Ground Pool clean each week is also a must. Brushing it at least once a week as well as skimming a vacuuming it is important. The organic debris that gets in the pool will affect the water balance. So a clean pool goes a long way in making things easy for you. Here are some essentials you will need.

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