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T.Dula Specialties Service Carts

This is the pool service cart by T.Dula Specialties. If you are a pool service professional a service cart is must have. A service cart will save you time and effort which translates into an easier day. Having a service cart eliminates carrying heavy loads back and forth to your service accounts and also will save you trips back to your truck for an item. 

I have been using a T.Dula Service Cart since I started in the business way back in 1988. My cart was so worn out  (they eventually do wear out over several years) that I just dropped it off at my local Superior and let the guys there have it.  


So I am very familiar with the durability and quality of this Service Cart. 


If you mount it correctly as shown in the video, you will never need to lift it on or off the hitch which makes life all the easier. I don't know how guys get through their day without one. The Service Cart can hold so many things that it will be a rare occasion to have to go back to your truck for something. 



You can also customize the cart by adding a bottle rack and trash can type holder to it. If you live in Orange County T.Dula specialties will add these for you or a local welder can also customize the cart for you. It comes standard with a holder for a 5-way test kit, but you can also special order one that will hold a Taylor test kit.


The rugged wheels will allow you to take this cart anywhere on your route. It is also skinny enough to fit through most backyard gates. 


You can get it in coated steel or stainless steel and they can also make a custom color for you if you like. 

So if you don't yet have a Service Cart, look into getting one of these from T.Dula Specialties. You can order one at your local Superior or SCP Distributor. 



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