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Zodiac Ranger: Best Budget Suction Side Cleaner for Your Pool

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An automatic pool cleaner can be a big investment and there are so many different models and types out there which can make the choice downright confusing. Should you choose a Robotic Pool Cleaner, a Pressure Side Cleaner or a Suction side Cleaner? And which is the best in each category? While the Zodiac Ranger isn’t the top Suction Side Cleaner it is the by far the best value-priced cleaner on the market in my opinion.

Currently listed for $140 online it is a real bargain for what you get. It comes with 32 feet of real pool hoses, the same quality hoses found on the more expensive G2 cleaner. It also comes with the standard Zodiac Flow Keeper Valve for the skimmer and that valve alone is over $50.00 by itself. The cleaner head is also very high quality and has some good weight to it so the cleaner will not float or just drift in the pool. The fact that you can also replace the parts on the Ranger makes it a great buy. Unlike the $99 cleaners found online which have no spare parts for sale, making them a throwaway cleaner, the Zodiac

Suction Side Cleaners are usually the most affordable and I think the Zodiac Ranger is by far the best budget cleaner out there. Here are some of the features:

Effectively cleans above-ground swimming pools (not recommended for Intex/soft-sided pools), including dished-out bottoms up to 72 inches.

One moving part technology eliminates annoying hammer or flapper noise; works quickly, effectively, and quietly.

Unique Deflector Wheel helps prevent it from getting caught on steps, ladders, and corners!

Comes pre-assembled for easy installation and includes 32 feet of feed hose.

AG Disc allows the Ranger to glide effortlessly along the bottom of your pool, up to the sides and around steps, cleaning your whole pool.

Flowkeeper Valve and Insta-Skim Compact self-adjusting flow control valve automatically regulates water flow, ensuring peak performance.

Simple operation and easy maintenance

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