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Basically, if you had set your pool to run 24/7 and the power did not go off you are fine - even if the pool surface was frozen. But if the power goes off for any length of time it could spell total disaster for your pool equipment and plumbing. Your local pool store is here to help.


If you have a deep freeze and the power goes off here are some of the side effects:

Damage to underground plumbing

Damage to equipment O-rings

Filter damage

Pump damage

Heater damage

Other equipment damage

Skimmer cracking

Equipment unable to turn back on

Equipment turning back on when power is restored and becoming damaged


Before turning the pool back on check to make sure the return line is not obstructed by ice or that any check valves in front of the pump and after the filter are not frozen in the closed position. This can cause the filter tank to explode as backpressure builds inside of the filter. If the water got below the skimmer line - the actual plastic pool skimmer may have been cracked - as the plastic contracted and expands. Make sure the water does not get below the pool skimmer in freezing weather. The pump may try to turn on with frozen pipes and if it is starved for water it can burn out.


So if you have a power failure turning off the breakers to the pool equipment would be wise. You don't want the pump to come on unless you are sure that it has water going to it and that the filter is operating correctly. The last thing you want is for the pump motor to burn out and or the filter tank exploding.


Trying to crack the ice on the surface can cause more damage than good. Let it thaw naturally. The ice won't damage the pool tiles. Unless the water is frozen for weeks on end, I would not crack the ice up on top. You could actually damage the pool walls and you may end up breaking some tiles yourself.


If the filter has been frozen the fiberglass may be compromised. Replacing your filter or pump that has been frozen may be a safe option for you - to prevent future issues. This is the one piece of equipment that I would automatically replace - especially if it is old already. You can't take any chances with your pool filter. It can be very dangerous if the lid were to crack or explode at a later time.


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