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Polaris ATLAS XT

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The Polaris ATLAS XT is the most complete suction side cleaner on the market today. It can pick up dirt as well as large leaf debris without getting jammed. It has scrubbing brushes on the bottom to help lift dirt and debris from the surface. It also will clean the pool walls up to the waterline (depending on pool suction and surface type). All the parts are modular which means when a part wears out you will just need to change that one part and not multiple parts.


Here is a description from Fluidra and I will highlight each point for you.


New improved engine design to capture long stringy debris to sand

The new Halo technology of the engine will prevent long string-like debris from clogging it. This will also allow debris to easily pass through the throat of the cleaner. So if you are looking for a cleaner that will work great in a pool with a lot of leaf debris and dirt this is the cleaner for you.


New design tracks with inner groove and track-guard ensuring strong traction when climbing walls

The new tracks do give this cleaner great traction in your pool. They will also prevent the cleaner from getting stuck on the main drain of your pool. The track guards are a nice touch and this will prevent anything from rubbing on the tracks and pulling them off.


Powerful suction capability

The new Halo engine is pretty amazing. The robust gears spin the turbines and directional devices inside the cleaner with ease. At first glance, you would think that it would take tremendous suction to get this cleaner moving, when in fact it moves around the pool with ease.


Dual scrubbers make short work of debris and algae

The scrubbing action of this cleaner is pretty unique. No other suction cleaner comes close really unless you move into the robotic category. So not only does the Atlas XT pick up dirt and debris but it also scrubs the pool surface for you as well.


Suitable for most in-ground pools up to 20 ft x 40 ft

With 12 hose sections each measuring 1 meter you get 39 feet of hose. This is plenty of hose for even a large pool. The wide cleaning path also allows the Atlas XT to clean larger pools rapidly. So this cleaner is suitable for a small, medium and large pool.


Cleans both floor and walls

The wall-climbing ability of the ATLAS XT is truly amazing. In most cases, it will climb the pool walls up to the waterline. If you are looking for a cleaner that will clean both your pool floors and waterline this is the cleaner for you. The cleaner is suitable for concrete, pebble-tec, quartz, tile, fiberglass, vinyl surfaces


What I like about the ATLAS XT is that it fixes the biggest problems with their Zodiac MX8 lineup. The engine was the Achilles heel of this cleaner. Any large string-like debris would just get tangled in the finned engine. That engine is completely gone now, replaced by the Halo engine. The tracks were also a weak point and would sometimes loosen and fall off. This would of course render the MX cleaner inoperable. These two big issues have now been resolved to make the Polaris ATLAS XT the premiere suction side cleaner on the market today.

New! Halo Engine!

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