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Water Tech Pool Blaster Battery Powered Cleaners

These cleaners are generally off the radar of most consumers. After doing extensive testing of seven of Water Tech's more popular models I can safely say that if you don't know about them you need to. They make a model for just about every pool and spa owner's needs.


I like the AQUA BROOM as it is compact and has a low profile so it can be used in very shallow water and has great suction. Great for your spa.


The CATFISH is also great as it is small but powerful. I use this one a lot on my route for attached spas and water features.


The MAXLi and MAX CG Li are just great all around cleaners. Great suction, compact and well engineered. The multi-layer debris bag that comes standard with these units is excellent.


They all come with a one year warranty so you can have peace of mind that the company stands behind their product.


To prevent unit failure from water damage make sure you completely drain each Pool Blaster unit after using it. The motors are vented to prevent overheating so if water gets trapped in there after use it can eventually cause damage. Also, make sure the charging port o-ring is well lubed with the seal lube that comes with the product or with a comparable lube - such as the Magic Silicone Lube that you see in each video.


If you have trouble turning a unit ON and OFF try lubing up the O-ring really well. This will generally solve that problem and re-apply the lube often (after each charging or when it gets hard to turn).


With each new model, Water Tech is making a better cleaner and is always improving their engineering. Some of the negative reviews online are from early generation units and the ones that I tested worked without any issues. Excellent suction, no water seal issues and no problems turning the units ON and OFF. 


For an easy to use quality battery powered vacuum Water Tech is your one stop shopping option. If your interested in purchasing a Pool Blaster I have links below for each unit I tested. I have no problem endorsing their products as they work and work well.


NOTE: I sell no products directly and the links are just a way to help you find the Pool Blaster that you wish to purchase. Feel free to shop also on, or any other retailer that sells their products.




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The Pool Blaster Max Li is Water Tech's latest update on their flagship Max Battery Operated cleaners. It all started with their Pool Buster Max many years ago and Water Tech is always updating their cleaners to keep them current with today's market. The Pool Blaster Max Li has the same great cleaning features as the previous units but with a few upgrades.



The biggest and most revolutionary upgrade is that the charging port is now water sealed. On the older models, you had to twist open the charging port and plug the charger directly into the motor/battery chamber. This was one of the biggest issues and a common failure of the unit if the user did not tighten and lubricate the plug sufficiently when threading it back in. Water could get into the charging area and short out the cleaner. You also had to twist the port tightly to turn the unit on and then open it slightly to turn it off. By opening it slightly to turn the unit off, water also could seep in.



The new design eliminates user error completely. The Charger attaches to the outside of the cleaner and nothing needs to be opened. Also, there is a simple to push on/off switch that is marked clearly in red. This new design guarantees that no water will enter the charging port and short out the cleaner.  A serious upgrade that makes this cleaner even more reliable and durable. 

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