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Staining in your pool can be caused by several things but the most common stains are from metals that enter your pool water and then drop out onto the pool surface. Once the metal ions drop out of the water they appear as stains on the pool surface. Metal ions in your pool water, Copper, iron or manganese to name a few can cause your water to be discolored and cause staining on your pools surface. Besides draining your pool and refilling there is a process you can follow to remove the metal ions from the water:


The first step it to test your water to see if metal ions are present. Most fill water has been purified to eliminate metal ions but there may be enough trace amounts entering your pool, especially if you are filling it or refilling it after it has been drained. Well water is a common source of metal ions.


Metal ions can cause your water to change color.

Copper- Green Tint

Iron -- Brown Tint

Manganese -- a dark color such as Purple


Sometimes you will also notice your hair or nails turning green after swimming. If you find that your pool does have metal ions in it the video walks you through the steps. Here are some points to also be aware of.



When you use a metal sequestrant agent it will lower your chlorine level as the chlorine bonds to the sequestrant. I would start with a 3.0 ppm level and try to keep it near 1.0 -1.5 during the process. Many people think that the Metal Out

agent causes algae and it does in a way by lowering the chlorine level.

You also want to keep your pH level low -- around 7.2-7.6 for the sequestration agent to be more effective. If you need to add a little chlorine, add more of the sequestering agent also. Note that If the stains reappear you will have to start the process over again from square one. It is not a failure of the sequestration or CuLator but a failure to keep the water chemistry in balance. 


You must also note that the sequestrant agent will NOT remove the metal ions from the pool. All it will do is keep it from activating and staining the pool. Once the sequestrant agent wears off the metal ions will reactivate and cause staining. That is why you will need to use the CuLator product.



This is the only product on the market that will remove the metal ions from the water. CuLator takes conventional chelating groups and binds them to a novel, unique, insoluble, non-toxic polymer backbone. This allows for the permanent removal of the metal from the water. The chemistry to produce these insoluble chelating polymers was developed over 23 years. Conventional sequestering agents surround the metal ions and slow down the oxidation and precipitation of the metal oxides onto the pool surface. These agents break down over time. Many of these agents are phosphate-based. CuLator® is the world's only true metal eliminator.

Here is a short video on Diagnosing Pool Stains

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